Friday, June 27, 2014

Some Baltimore Pix

My Garmin GPS directed me to go into downtown DC in rush hour traffic on a Friday. Thanks for that extra hour, Garmin. [insert sarcasm font with a few expletives].

The capital Capitol. 

Tourists. This is where I make up a STORY, like when I see a couple in a catalog:
A woman stumbles on my blog and says, "Is that Gary? But he said he was at a dentist's convention. Wait a minute, is that NANCY-the-florist with him?!" 

Double decker bus!
 But we were soon on our way . . . 

After we were all checked in, we took a walk:
Clock tower across the street.
It was used in the decor of the restaurant in the hotel:
My photo doesn't do it justice, but it made cool wallpaper!
John will have something technical to say about the use of my flash, I'm sure.
This was right across the street from the hotel.  A "gentleman's" club.


In front of the Hippodrome--there's my letter!
 Pretty hibiscus:

Texture of a palm tree trunk.

Outside our hotel, trying to anchor down the flags.
Someone didn't want wanton flapping of flags in the breeze!
 We were near Camden Yard, so this:
Babe Ruth.

Another clock.
Architects are funny. "You know what we need? A building in the formation of steps. Or legos."
The way the light is makes it look transparent. Pretty cool.
 Sign at a restaurant:

Inside the Hippodrome:
Yeah, I know. Stoopid flash.

I already showed this, but it's worth repeating!

This was on the other side:


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