Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Can Do It! Conference in Baltimore: Part 1

This past weekend, Chiro-sis Ruth & I went to Baltimore for the I Can Do It! conference. There were so many WONDERFUL speakers there (Bruce Lipton!), and unlike the last 2 years, it wasn't in a cavernous convention center, but in the gorgeous Hippodrome Theatre. AWESOME!

Before I go into speakers and content, this:
How freaking COOL is this? A HOP SCOTCH?!  
You know I had to do it.
Every. Single. Time.
OK, on to the speakers!  Wayne Dyer kicked off Saturday morning. He started with a little humour:  "I still can't get over that people pay to listen to me talk. My kids can't either." Hahahaha

"Believe it or not, if enough of us shift our consciousness, we can make a huge impact." 

In addition to Rumi (LOVE!), he quoted one of my favourites, Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist, holocaust survivor, and author of Man's Search For Meaning. "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."  Wayne says that we are trained to be limited. "Don't believe in your limitations."

Bill Davis, author of Wheat Belly, joined Wayne on the stage.  Wayne is now gluten-free and officially a Glutard. I say that with the greatest affection. I'm sure that is how my brother (Atlasta) means it when he calls me & Chiro-sis Glutards . . . .

So he ended the morning with daughter Skye singing a BEAUTIFUL rendition of The Greatest Love. And here she is singing (something else equally beautiful, just watch):

Alex Woodard was also there at the conference. Read his first book, For the Sender. I missed his concert, but the last two times I've seen him, I've joined the audience in being a blubbering, boo-hooing mess as he told the story of Kona, his dog that died. Ruth said that this time, he told a story about his horse that left everyone crying. I have one word for Alex:


End your talk with puppies! Give your audience a shot of oxcytocin so we can all feel better after boo-hooing about a dog or a horse we don't know. Don't leave us in the valley, take us to another peak.

Aaaaand back to Wayne. So Ruth & I were walking down the street with Bruce behind us, & Wayne Dyer came walking toward us. So I said, "Hey Wayne, Bruce Lipton is behind us." And then I whipped out my camera, of course:

"I caught a fish this big."

With Ruth.
And me.
And then!
Skye came our way, so Ruthie stopped her to say THANK YOU for her BEAUTIFUL singing.

Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Until You Do, spoke next. He told so many great stories. Here are some quotables:

"Two things that will make life better: Be easily impressed and be hard to offend. Most people have that reversed."

"Trust is honestly expecting *A* positive outcome, not *THE* positive outcome." 

"The answer's always NO if you don't ask."

He ended on the cheery note; we're all going to die some day. So, you know, don't waste your time on stuff that doesn't matter.

And then!  Bruce Lipton!  Here's a summary on Bruce Lipton 101. He only spoke for an hour, but he is such a dynamic, energetic & funny presenter. So I won't summarize his talk, I'll just show another photo:

Here he is with Danni, Anita Moorjani's husband. 
Anita Moorjani is AMAZING. Her story is riveting. She was in Stage 4 lymphoma, in a coma with organ failure, and she healed herself. Here's her story:

Anita quotables:

"Love yourself and value yourself as if your life depends on it; because it does."

"When you love and value yourself, you have heaven on Earth. When you love and value yourself, you realize your purpose: to be YOU."

"Everything we do is out of a fear of consequences or love. Fear is a bad reason to do things. LOVE is the only reason to do anything. Start making decisions out of love."  

I'm going to end it with Immaculee`Ilibagiza, who lived in Africa and survived a mass genocide of her tribe by hiding in a bathroom for 3 months. Now, don't think that's a regular bathroom; it was 3 feet by 4 feet and she shared it with 6 other woman and a 7 year old. Ruth and I stood in the entrance of our hotel room and measured it out. WOW. Tiny space for 8 bodies. Now add the smell and the discomfort and the starvation. 

Could you do it and not be scarred for life? Lemme tell you something: This woman RADIATED LIGHT. Her heart was open and she had nothing but courage and strength and beauty in her story. Here are a few quotables:

"If we all become more loving, there will be no more wars."  

"We all go through something; there is always hope."

"Thoughts can bring poison to our body."

"When the head and heart work together, you create miracles."

She said that she finally understood Jesus on the cross saying, "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do." And that in order to find peace, she had to pray for those trying to kill her. Here is a video clip of Wayne Dyer & Immaculee:

And here are some puppies:

Zzzzzz . . . . Sleeping puppies?!  SO CUTE!

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