Monday, August 4, 2014

Doggie Monday

I have to say that my new beagle boy has inserted a lot of laughter into the household, along with a bit of exasperation. He's lucky he so CUTE!  Here's another cutie-pie:
RoRo Vizzie.
"Come on guys! Wet's go pway!"

Here's Buddy Boy with a few toys. He stole the blue toy out of Reggie's crate!

RoRo & Bingo.
 In the meantime:

On another day, I looked out the back door to see this:
These 2 are best buddies.

Isn't this a nice shot of my backyard? I looked out the kitchen window & thought, "Wow, they've got all the toys out there!"  I didn't think they had that many toys . . .

WAIT a MINUTE! That's a pair of jeans! 

And there's my shirt!

And this:
Buddy LOVES my shoes. *sigh*
He pulled all these thru the cat door!  He hasn't limited his thievery to clothes. This:
I had this on the side of the bathtub to do a clean.  I couldn't find the brush. I said to myself, "Self, where's the brush?" On the dog bed, of course.
One of the biggest challenges has been that Buddy is a marker. You know the kind; spritzing various corners of furniture with a leg lift. I thought I was being digilent & proficient at finding the odd puddle here & there. But no. The worst, WORST! was in my wall-to-wall carpeted bedroom. The smell. OMG the SMELL!  I spent the night on the couch. So then I got a steam vac and cleaned. It smelled like oranges after that. With a gag-inducing undertone of dog urine. So I pulled up the carpet. It only took 4 hours. The padding was soaked, so I'm glad I didn't just keep trying to steam vac it!

Buddy had his first vet vizzie with Dr. Morgan. As I was telling her about his cute, little destructive ways, "Meh, I didn't need those blinds in the living room anyway . . . I didn't really like that carpet in the bedroom, anyway." It turns out that he's not just marking, he also has a urinary tract infection. So it wasn't just my super-sensitive sense of smell. He's on antibiotics and a bit more chipper. Poor little guy!  
Here he is in the bedroom, post carpet:

He's such a snuggler.

Can you hear my mother saying thru the internet, "YOU LET HIM ON YOUR PILLOW?!"
Along with the eye-rolly thing she does. 

Tabby Bobcat on the CAT stairs that Buddy uses.

Here's Buddy with the stuffed dog I got when my dog Remi was a couple years old. See his nose? I was blaming Tabby Bobcat for scratching off the vinyl. NO. It was Rowan!

He's waiting for me to leave so he can start chewing on the stuffed animals.
I ended up moving them.

Zzzzz . . . . 
 Convention in the bedroom:
Saying hullo.
 What is Buddy looking at?
Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?
Tabby looks down with the usual cat disdain tolerance.
I found Tabby's catnip banana when I switched bedrooms:

But then:

 Here's a preview of the new curtains in the bedroom:
Again with the pillow!

Such a cutie-pie. LOVE this little guy!
Sunday roundup of all my shoes strewn around the yard! 
 And that's been our week. Reggie is so HAPPY to have a play buddy. I think Bingo is relieved not to be pounced on by Reggie all the time. The only one not thrilled to have a new addition to the household is Tabby. Sorry, Tabby!

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