Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Bedroom

I drifted off to sleep one night thinking, "I think I'll switch my bedroom with the yoga room." I don't know what really prompted it, except that my bedroom gets the most sunlight during the day. Not all that conducive for taking naps. Years ago, when I first saw Bruce Lipton, he said that whenever you learn something new or want to make changes in your life, change your living environment. Rearrange the furniture. So perhaps that was the impetus. In any case, the yoga room/massage room/guest room was really kind of the laundry room & junk room:

I thought to take a before picture of the book case wall after I'd moved most of the books:

Bingo saying hullo. This was definitely the animal-free zone. Well, until I started moving stuff.
Here is the first move into the room:
This room is slightly smaller than the other one, so to maximize space I gave my bed frame to Atlasta. Cat stairs for Tabby. Across from the bed was the other dresser. Sorry, no pic. I always get judgey when other blogs don't have before-and-afters of room re-dos. Oh, well.
Even tho the room is smaller, the use of space made it feel bigger. But then I had to pull up the carpet, thanks to my new beagle with the UTI. No amount of steam cleaning could clean away the smell. The carpet part wasn't so hard, it was the carpet tacks. No photo of that, either. I know, I know. Bad blogger! The good thing is that I ended up doing things that I wouldn't have, if I'd still had carpet. So it all worked out.  :-) 

I looked on Pinterest for alternatives to head boards. "How to have a head board without really having a headboard" sort of thing. I also wanted to cover the window, because it's uneven to the bed and a bit of an eye sore. So I came up with this:

Buddy stayed on the bed the whole time while I worked around him! The curtains sort of look like a head board. The valence-looking pieces at the top are actually silk curtains my mother made. So glad I'm finally using them!
Here's what it looks like without the valence pieces:
The curtain loops hung too low to cover the window frame, which stops in the middle of the wall. I could have moved the curtain rods up, but I really liked the valence pieces.
I love this sheet I was using as a pet cover on the bed. So I hung it up to test it out:
It just screams "college student" which is fine if you are, but I am not.
And yes, Buddy stayed here the whole time!
 So this is what I ended up doing:
Pretty paisley sheet became the closet curtain.
 I got this cool idea to use one of my dressers as a foot board. Thank you, Pinterest:

By not having a head board, and by moving the dresser as a foot board, I got even more space. So I moved my meditation chair from the living room:
Mum gave me that little bookcase, which is perfect.
 And here's Tabby Bobcat all settled in:

I switched out the closets, so that's all done. Now I just have to hang my pictures. I really like the colours; it has a sort of Silk Road Oasis vibe. Next: yoga room!

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