Monday, August 18, 2014

Doggie Monday

Another week has whistled by with 3 dogs and a cat!

On the Back Deck

I recently had some dental work done, so I am eating a lot of yogurt. The dogs get to lick out the containers:
I save the empties in the fridge until I have 3 containers; one for each dog. 
Bingo & Reggie. 

Bingo molting. Look at Reggie's tail go swish-swish.
 More yogurt container fun:

Mixin' it up with a yard bone.

I don't want to leave the other two out. Here's Bingo:
Such BEAUTIFUL eyes!

Bingo's spot:


Another day, another yogurt:
Yogurt nose.

Thru-The-Window Romp
I looked out the office window to see this:
Buddy romping with Reggie.


An Easy-Breezy Morning
Buddy chillin'.
Buddy walking like a cat.

Model stare off to the side.
With Bingo. 
Awww . . . SO CUTE!

This won't translate all that well with the pictures, but Reggie & Buddy like to run under the deck, up the steps, across the deck & then back under.

Buddy's Chair
If I am sitting in this chair, he will still find a way to wedge himself in.

Can't leave out Bingo!
Belly rubs!
Those ears!

Reggie's Crate
Every night Buddy snuggles in with me. Except that one night he didn't. And then the next night he didn't again. And then I found out why:

He doesn't like HIS crate which I took out, but he has usurped Reggie's!

Reggie confused.
Still room for both.
But Reggie goes to his spot on the sofa.

Reggie peeking thru the crate.
Bingo happy on her bed.

Not a fan of the camera, so he slow-mo's it down off the sofa.
 But then he's back:

Zzzzzz . . . . 
More Yogurt Containers!
Did I mention I was eating a lot of yogurt?!

Taking it off to a place a bit more private; away from the paparazzi.
Always on the lookout for deer!
Bingo looking, too.
Such a distinguished profile.
In The Living Room
I haven't managed to capture it yet, but he curls both feet in front like a cat.
"We tolerate cats."
Resting his chin on the window sill. Doesn't that look like a Snoopy pose?
Leg drooping down.
Here's Bingo:
I'm noticing how much greyer she's getting.
Reggie, in his crate. Alone. With yogurt container.
Zzzzz . . . .
Yogurt Container Yoga
This is a nice stretch for opening up the hips. 

These yogurt containers have provided lots of entertainment!
On the Sofa
Buddy likes to WEDGE himself into the back of the sofa.
Eventually he sinks down & the cushions slide off onto the floor.

Tabby Bobcat has done a lot of porch time this week. See him in the window?
High-pitched scratching on the window to let me know he wants to come in.

Buddy continues to settle in. He wasn't very barky when he first got here. Knitting Guild Elizabeth said, "Well, that will change."  It did. He's not an in-the-house barker, but when he's outside, he goes all Roo-roo when he sees deer. Or neighbors. Or squirrels. He won't come when I call him when he's all excited like that. But unlike Bingo or Reggie, or any of my other dogs, I can pick him up. I think he's a bit indignant, but then he gives up and puts his head on my shoulder & snuggles in as I carry him in. 

I had a breakthrough with Reggie this week. He is so tuned in to my every move. When I'm in my office, he'll wait til I'm sitting at my desk and then he'll come in and lie down. If I make a sudden movement, he's up and out. Even after all these months, he is still so vigilant. He'll come up to me if I'm sitting or lying down, but if I'm standing, he's out of reach. He'll do a little dance around me and wag his tail, but he's still a bit skittish. So, the breakthrough came when I was in the office. I got up to go to the break room for a cup of tea, and he stayed, lying on his bed. He didn't dash out. That's progress!

As I write this, the dogs are having a post breakfast snooze. Spanish guitar music is playing. Reggie is in his corner of the sofa, and Buddy is nestled into the other side. Bingo is stretched out on the floor. Buddy was just wagging his tail in his sleep, which woke Reggie. Which woke Buddy. Reggie put his head back down, and Buddy let out that little snuggley-sound he makes. All is well. HAPPY Monday!

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