Monday, August 11, 2014

Doggie Monday

I was thinking about it, as I was cleaning up shredded doormat, that this little beagle boy of mine has done more damage than all my previous dogs put together. But we won't hold that against him because he's so CUTE.

I didn't really like that door mat, anyway.

Here are my boys, chillin' on the back deck:


Yoo-hoo! Buddy!

 These 2 are so cute together and so happy!

Reggie leaves . . . 

. . . but then comes back.

 You can't tell, but there are deer in the woods & Reggie is woofing and Buddy is roo-rooing and they are running back 'n' forth.
Roo-roo! Woof-woof!
 And then there's this:
Just when I think I've moved all my shoes out of reach . . . .
 In the living room, even tho Reggie gnawed on one of the arms, I try to keep the sofa clean & protected. I have TWO layers of drop cloth canvases to keep it covered. Except this:

Buddy doesn't approve of the covers. He paws them off!
 Here's Bingo being the good girl she is:

And then this:
 Here's Buddy in the boudoire:

Mari gave me some marrow bones for the dogs. THANKS, Mari!  Here's Bingo:

Here's Reggie:

Aaaaaand here's Buddy:
So I led Buddy outside with his:

Look how HAPPY Reggie is! Buddy is the best thing that could've happened to him!

LOVE this sweet boy! Even in the washed out light of afternoon.
 Mari also turned me on to Noosa, the BEST yogurt!  So I got some & then let the dogs lick out the containers. I had to wait until I'd eaten three before I could give them each one. Here's Reggie with his:

And Buddy:

 Bingo was under the kitchen table, & I didn't get a pic. But here she is in the office:
Nestled up against my chair. I could accuse Buddy of stealing my shoes & putting them there, but it was me. I'm usually barefoot in the house.
 Look who sat next to me!
Reggie was all curled up, but of course beat it out of there when he heard the camera!
 Buddy on the COVERED sofa:
Plotting & scheming.
Such a cutie-pie.

Bingo on her bed.

Belly rubs!
 This is typical of Reggie:
I just leave the door open when I'm home.
Such a HAPPY boy!

I can't remember the circumstances, but I was going to Rita's & she said, "Oh, no that's all right. I'll come there."

"You want to see Buddy, don't you?"

Another day, another bone:

 And here's Buddy:
On the dog bed. Also, notice my stolen sock on the bed?!
 But then this:

Lawnmower Ben Vizzie

Bingo all frolicky.

Buddy not sure about L-Ben.

Here comes Bingo.

Look at Reggie being all brave around Ben!

Not that brave!  That's Bingo coming for a hullo.

HAPPY girl.  :-)
Zzzzzz . . . 
I took these with my iPad.
That ear!
 What I love is the snuggley-sounds he makes.
All snuggled in.

Tabby showed no interest in coming back to sleep in bed at night after Buddy's arrival. However, for the past coupla nights:

Tolerating the new guy. 
While I was working on this blog post, all three dogs came in to the office & settled in. I didn't have my camera or iPad, & I knew if I got up, Reggie would bolt out of there. So I video-called someone on Google & wrangled a screen shot:

Bingo in front, Reggie & then Buddy in back. CUTE!!!
HAPPY Monday!

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