Monday, October 13, 2014

Doggie Monday Part 1

You guys. This Doggie Monday is just out of hand. I took 294 pictures this week and only 5 were non-dog/Rowan related! And that's just the fancy-pants camera. More on the iPad. So I'm dividing this into a coupla different posts; Rowan gets his own! Scroll below this one for the next one.

Belly rubs with Bingo:

Romping with Buddy:

Brief Bingo break:
Back to Buddy:

Bingo back in her spot:

Another day:
Buddy with his toy. Rowan helping to tear milk box. Really, you don't have to do that, Ro!
 Ro was bringing Buddy all his toys:

Recipient of another milk carton.

Rip-rip, shred-shred.



Can you stand such cuteness?!! These two are ADORABLE!

Rolly-rolly on the back.

Belly rubs!

And another day:

Throwing Buddy's toy.
Buddy retrieving it.

This was the conversation:
Ro: Hey, here's a leaf.
Buddy looks at leaf.
Ro: You want the leaf?

You'll note a lack of Reggie pix in this post. He stays in his crate, where he likes it. He still barks at Rowan when he comes in so it's just best to let Ro know that he's safe. And Reggie, too. I know that Reggie would never hurt anyone; he cowers away. But until Rowan gets a bit older, it makes them both feel more secure. And here's the last pic for this post:

Ears flapping. :-)

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