Monday, October 13, 2014

Doggie Monday Part 2

This guy:

He loves him some milk cartons to chew:

A few pix from the iPad:

Buddy nestled in.

Reggie checking out my tea:

He was licking my knees. Will have to get this on video:
I think he's starting to get suspicious of the iPad.

I was trying to get a pic of Reggie. When I sit on the steps, he comes up behind me & licks the back of my neck. He'll also get all sniffy. But no such luck:
Just Bingo: Zzzz . . . . 
 And Buddy:

Back to the fancy-pants camera. Outside on the back deck:
Bingo sitting peacefully, while the boys romp around her.

Here's Buddy taking a yogurt top . . . 


It took a while for him to work on this box:

Reggie says hullo.

Reggie goes around the other way:
Here's an afternoon pic of washed out looking blobs:
Reggie, Bingo on left & Buddy on right. Observing the Rule of 3rds, at least.
So The Grasshopper advised me to take my photos up closer:

The dog's toy box.
Outside on the back deck in the morning:

This is where I'm counseled to "get off the green rectangle" with the auto-focus.

 So then I decided that I would put on my telephoto lens & just shoot with that:
Also making sure to be at eye-level.

I was able to get a lot better pix of Reggie:

Watching T-Bob, of course.
Look what Buddy does with this milk carton:
Chew-chew . . . 
And then he picks it up:

And switches beds:

And then back over to the other bed:

Sitting like a cat:
Watching the cat.

This is funny:
You can't tell from the photo, but he goes & lies in the sun and then this happens:
The shade comes, he wakes up, and moves into the sun again.
 Gorgeous Reggie:
He's not a fan of the camera; but it's MUCH easier to get pix with the telephoto lens.

I thought it would be easier to capture Buddy's leaps off  the deck: 
All he needs is a cape.
So far:

the leaping pix are a bit underwhelming:


Reggie again:


How do you feel about politics, Bingo?
Me, too.
Heh. Good one, Hali.

See my shoe behind him?  *sigh*

Another afternoon snooze in the sun:

Zzzzz . . . . 
The shade approaches.
 Such a gorgeous boy:

 Look who's joined the anti-cushion campaign:
This all got cleaned up after I took them for a sleep-over at Rita's.
In The Back Yard
Another favourite chew toy: kefir bottle.


My sweet girl. 

Digging Dogs Who Dig and the Women Who Love Them:

Dirt flying!

Sunning again. Shade encroaching . . . .

See what I mean about lotsa pix of Reggie?

Here's Bingo:
Doesn't it look like she's envisioning something profound?
I should have a caption contest for my readers.
All three of you.

Getting so grey. Still a twinkle in her eye. :-)
I took this pic from the back porch & she's looking at me.

Kicking up her heels. Every dog lover has seen this pose.
 More sunning for Buddy:

Bingo looking like a fruit bat. 
 Buddy in my chair:

Friday I did a bit of a clean & I did the bed linens. Before I could get the dog cover on the top of the quilt, this:
 But look at that face:

Sitting like a cat:
Know what Buddy's thinking?
"Glad you got that planter in focus!"
*le sigh*
So I moved the planter, but the pose was gone.
Oh, well. Perhaps I'll capture it in next weeks 300 pix.
 Cover on the bed:
I know, I know. CLOSER IN!
Like this?

Zzzzz . . . . 

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