Monday, October 6, 2014

Doggie Monday

In the Living Room
(Pix taken with iPad) 
Reggie was sleeping on the sofa and woke himself up growling. "It's okay, Reggie. It was just a dream." Groggy growl & then he looks out the window. "You're okay, Sweetie."

Then Bingo on her bed below starts thumping her tail because I talked. Reggie gets back down and curls up and drifts off again. Buddy lies by my side on the recliner and every once in a while gives a snuggly-groan as he nuzzles in or changes position.

He droops off the seat and his leg drapes on my lap desk. 

Another wiggle and a kick in my liver. Gah!

I know, I know. He looks like a black blob.
 Buddy in the recliner with me:
He makes it v. difficult to get OUT of the chair!

I'm relegated to a tiny corner edge of chair.
 This is how it starts; he likes to get behind me:

I gave him a box to chew on. Boxes, yogurt containers, milk cartons: his favourite chew toys!

Reggie, black blob on the sofa.
Buddy, back on the chair:

Zzzzz . . . .
Last 2 pix with iPad:
In bed.
 My fancy-pants Canon had to get repaired, so I was reduced to using my lil point 'n' click. But it gets the job done!
In my living room the dog's playroom.
That face!
Bingo says hullo. :-)
 After these pix, I cleaned up the living room. Of course, it's back to the way it was, now!

Lookit this:
The photo-op I missed was Reggie & Buddy BOTH up on top.
There's Buddy with a piece of cardboard to chew.
 On the back porch:

Profile of Reggie thru the tree:

 Buddy, sunbathing:

My Bingo-Dingo:

In the Bedroom

He went under the covers & circled back around:

Rare appearance from Tabby Bobcat:
He & Buddy have an uneasy truce.

Settled in.


RoRo Vizzie
(The return of the fancy-pants camera! YAY)!

At first this looks like Buddy is leaning away from Rowan.
 And he is so that Rowan can give him belly rubs!

Back in the LR:
New box!
Stretching out his hip flexors.
Hullo from Bingo.

Zzzz . . . .
 Dog Toys
Digging to bury his flattened-out box.
In comes the milk carton:


So funny when he sticks his whole head in!
 On to the next bed:

And then:

Back outside:

Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?
 Reggie coming round:

Hullo. Such a handsome boy!

Back in the LR

Ellen playing peek-a-boo behind Buddy.  ;-)

A Glorious First-Sunday-in-October Morning
Bingo is one of her deck spots.
 Hullo from Reggie:

Buddy in the yard with a milk carton:

Love this sweet boy. Our anniversary is coming up, so I'll have a special Reggie post.
 The air was crisp & the sky was blue with a golden light streaming through the trees:

Such a distinguished profile.
I didn't get the shot of course because I was just sitting there with my morning tea. Buddy ran around and under the deck and then around and up the stairs. He ran across the deck and took a flying leap onto the grass. I sat there mesmerized. All that was missing was his cape!

Playing with an acorn:

Labyrinth Walk
Tabby comes to join me.

Buddy watches Tabby off the top porch:

Sunday was the Blessing of the Animals at our church in honour of St. Francis. I thought Buddy would certainly be more portable, but he'd probably be ROO-ROOing at the other animals. So I took Bingo because I thought she'd be quieter. Plus she's really Rowan's favourite & he would be there. Well. Reggie & Buddy darted out as I was taking Bingo to the car. They ran down the driveway & across to the neighbors. Bingo hopped up into the back of the car so I kept her in there and drove over to the neighbors. Luckily Bingo didn't get out and Reggie hopped in. Eventually. Buddy was running around. There are free range chickens and cows other enticing doggie smells. So he wasn't coming anytime soon!  I finally managed to get them all in the car & I got Reggie into the house. I carried Buddy in. Bingo & I headed to church--way late, but I tried to sneak in. Disaster!  She saw another black lab and was just all squeaky. I thought she'd settle down, but I felt like it was all too disruptive so I ended up leaving and going over to Brother Atlasta's for a vizzie. Bingo got to see my niece, so she was happy. Next year I'll make sure we get there early so Bingo has a chance to acclimate. Until next time, HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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