Monday, October 20, 2014

Doggie Monday

Well, it's been quite the week. Here's Reggie in his spot on the sofa:
 Here's Buddy chewing on a yogurt smoothie bottle:

Reggie goes back in his crate when I start clicking pix:

So Buddy takes Reggie's spot on the sofa:

And then, all tuckered out, in the chair:

Bingo down below on her bed, beside me:

And then!  This is really a first. Bingo doesn't go on the sofa unless I call her up to sit next to me:

In the meantime, Buddy:

Then Reggie joins Bingo:

Back to Buddy, being cute:


See the state of the sofa arm? More on that later.
Zzzzz . . . . 

Zzzzz . . . .
 In the Boudoir
All snuggley. Blankie was a prezzie from my friend Joy.
And in other news, that just HURT John Morgan to read. Ha! ;-)
 On my pillow:

Can you hear Mum thru the internet? "He's ON YOUR PILLOW?!!!"

In The Back Yard
Such a digger.
 Back to digging:

Pensive on the deck:

Here's Bingo:
Yeah. A bit washed out in the afternoon sunlight.

Reggie & Buddy: these two are so much fun together.




Getting sleeeeeepy . . . .

Zzzzz . . . . .
 This is funny because he falls asleep in the sun . . . 
And then the shadow slowly falls over him til he wakes up and moves to another spot.
Aaaaand back in the chair:

More pillow snuggles:

My sweet Bingo-dingo, who never chews:


In the office:
Tabby spends the majority of his time outside. Not a fan of the beagle!

Buddy jumps up behind me on my chair then this:
Desk surfing for tea & other crumpets.
And here's Reggie:
Real progress from when I first got him!
 Gallon Milk Jug
It took him a while to flatten it! Here he is on the sofa:

The milk jug slipped away, so here he is, going after it:

And then, of course, he takes it outside:

This is a blurry shot, but you can see his exuberance!

Amber Eyes
I think this has to be one of my favourite shots of Bingo:
John Morgan has been encouraging me to get in tighter with my shots.

Bingo & Reggie:

 The Sofa
Remember that book, The Velveteen Rabbit? The stuffed bunny toy gets well worn: 
“He didn't mind how he looked to other people, 
because the nursery magic had made him Real, 
and when you are Real shabbiness doesn't matter.” 

Well, my sofa, that I rescued from the Salvation Army where it had come from someone's formal living room, and had never been used, has become real. Reggie started it:
As modeled by Bingo. See where I covered it with decorative paw-print duct tape?
I thought that was appropriate. 
Buddy has continued on the other arm:

See the lack of sofa cushions? Buddy constantly pushes them off.

Buddy walks up, slow motion:

He likes to run along the back, back 'n' forth roo-rooing at T-Bob:

I gave up keeping covers on it, because they came off and cascaded down to the floor in an avalanche of cushions & blankets. 

And so I decided over  the weekend to get rid of the sofa. It was getting chewed up & it was getting dirty. And as long as it was there, I would have permanent beagle nose-prints across the bottom 2 feet of windows, the span of the sofa. I couldn't get it out the front, so I tried the back:

It just barely missed going out the door, thanks to the legs. So I got my little hand saw and sawed off the back legs.  Here it is outside:
Tabby is very happy!
 I wanted to get a closer shot, but of course Tabby comes over to be petted!

In the meantime:
Buddy sits on the pile in the LR.
My chair is now where the sofa was.
Buddy in the new spot:
Not terribly happy about the loss of the sofa.

But I kept the cushions for dog beds, & put them on top of the trunk. So here's his spot:

And that's been our week. Bingo doesn't care all that much about the sofa; it was really Reggie & Buddy's domain. That's OK; they'll get used to it. And they can still hop up on the chair & trunk to see out the window. But it's freed up a lot of space. Much better!

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