Monday, November 17, 2014

Doggie Monday

Buddy & The Milk Jug
It's just so entertaining watching him carry this thing around!

Reggie during all this:


At The Wilton Hilton
This past weekend I was at the ICPA conference to see Bruce Lipton & a bunch of other AWESOME people (blog post to come). So the dogs went to Rita's. And lookit! Look who came to see me first! Reggie!

The rest of the gang:
Bingo, Dana, Buddy, Reggie. Roy not pictured.

Inside for a Vizzie

Rita goes to the fridge & they all gather 'round:

 Meanwhile, in the boudoir:
Reggie on the bed.
Buddy on the sheepskin.

Back in the kitchen:

Roy is lying in the background on top of the paper Dana just shred.
Reggie, Buddy & Bingo looking at Rita.
Dinner Time!
Rita feeds them canned food in the evening as their real dinner,
so I got some at Costco for them to have over the weekend.
 Bingo is a fan!

Roy & Bingo.
 Here's Reggie in his new spot for eating:
By the front door.
 Buddy wasn't all that hungry & went back to the sheepskin:

When I picked him up to put him in the car, he was like a stuffed sausage! He must've done nothing but gorge himself all weekend!

Rita & Dana:

Roy coming to say hi to Mommy:

I got the dogs loaded up in the car & settled at home. And then I realized I left my camera at Rita's. So I went back. I left Buddy on the bed, but when I got back, I couldn't find him. And then I saw him:
Sacked out in Reggie's crate. With Reggie.
Is Reggie SQUINCHING? I think he is!
(Squinching is a Peter Hurley photography technical term).
All is well. Good to be back home!  HAPPY Monday!  :-)

Update:  It's raining today. As I'm toweling Bingo off, Buddy squirms past me to the bedroom & dries off on the bed before I can get to him. I told John Morgan this and said, "I don't know if there's anything he could do that would make me not love him or think that I didn't want him in my life. I just think, 'Meh, I needed to wash the bed linens, anyway.'" John replied with that dry humour, (you know the kind). "You're like the mother of the serial killer who says, "NOT MY boy."  Hahahaha

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