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ICPA Conference: WOW!!!

Me & Bruce.  :-)
Last weekend Chiro-sis Ruth & I went to the ICPA conference. The focus was on children's health and well-being, from prenatal and beyond. I went because Bruce Lipton was presenting. And then I saw who else was going to be there--Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza AND Bruce Lipton all together on one stage?! Awesome!!!  But there was so much more. Here's a full list of speakers. It was four days, you guys. So I have LOTS of notes & I always get bogged down because I want to include everything. So I will restrain myself with some quotables from speakers, pix & a few stories. Ready? Here we go!

We got there on Thursday afternoon. There were break-out seminars, so we had choices. Ruth went to a chiro-seminar & I went to Karen Brody's Yoga Nidra. Lemme just say: SUCH a great way to start the whole thing! Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that is relaxing and energizing all at the same time. I felt fantastic afterwards and the almost-3-hour drive was a distant memory. Find out more at Bold Tranquility

"Do you want to have good nerve energy or do you want crappy nerve energy?" ~Patty Giuliano

Patty was the first speaker we saw & she was fantastic! Energetic, dynamic and inspirational. She said that an office was about connecting & creating a community. "Make your office better than Starbucks." Love that!  

Dr. John Minardi was next. WOW!  Quotable: "The body always heals itself, it just needs a helping hand."  If I were a chiropractor, I'd want to go study with this guy. He was funny and smart and told some great stories. He also made immunology easy to understand. Really!

Jeanne Ohm
Chiropractor Jeanne Ohm, the director of ICPA, was the heart behind the whole conference. All 6 of her children were home births and she had this dedication to chiropractic and children that was palpable. She brought in so many different presenters from so many different fields; chiro, medical, midwifery--so much information from different avenues!  She said, "Life is the union of intelligence and matter." And she quoted Einstein, "The most important decision we will ever make is if we perceive life in a friendly universe or a hostile one." And we know which one she lives in! What a LOVEly woman!
Bruce & Jeanne.

Ms. America Is A Chiropractor?!
Ms. America, Stephanie Mills was there. We missed her talk, but got a chance to chat after the evening session was finished. She complemented Ruth on her "Palmer purple." And then it just got really cute as they talked about different teachers and discovered that they both graduated in the same class. October, 2000. A friend!

This gal walked by & we thought it would be fun for her to photobomb:
My Elevator Moment
I've been reading Peter Gray's Free to Learn. In fact I was reading bits of it to Ruth in the hotel room. "Listen to this!" We saw him speak and he was going to sign books. I took the opportunity to go back to our room and get a meditation in. I headed back down afterward, and as the elevator doors opened [insert angelic voices here] there stood Peter Gray. Whom I then ambushed. Not really. Well, sort of. Anyway, I said, "I was just coming down to get my book signed. Do you mind if I ride the elevator with you?"  What I left out was "And walk with you through the labyrinth of hallways to stand outside your hotel room and tell you all about Bruce Lipton and also Bob Sapolski's baboons." 

He was, of course, extremely gracious and said yes. 

Here's Peter Gray's TED Talk which will give you a taste. His work really synchs well with Bruce because there's an emphasis on cooperation and fun. Totally Bruce! I'll do a separate post once I finish his book. SO relevant for today's children, and you know, society in general.

A few quotables:
"In play, you are always fee to fail; free to try new things."
"The most important freedom in play is the freedom to quit."
"You can go through life not knowing how to read, but you can't go through life not knowing how to read people's feelings."

GMO's: Just Say NO!
I almost didn't stay for Jeffrey Smith's presentation because I already avoid GMOs. I know they're bad; they're connected to food allergies, illness, infertility--the list goes on. But I really learned even more about the politics of why they are in our food sources. And saw some graphic research photos of mice with hideous tumors. As I was listening to him, I thought, "He needs to talk to Bruce!" Bruce had emailed me when he was in India a few weeks ago about working to make India organic. Holy cow! So I spoke with him after his talk & asked him if he knew of Bruce Lipton's work in India. It turns out that he was actually in India with Bruce. Awesome! Later I pointed out Jeffrey at lunch to Bruce & said, "Have you met Jeffrey Smith? I think you two would get along."  Haha  Bottom line with the GMO's: just STOP. Put the Doritos down. Eat real food! Check out The Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Bruce Lipton & Joe Dispenza
These guys.
So awesome.
With Ruthie.
Bruce, Joe & Gregg
Gregg, Bruce, Joe.
With MC Peter Kevorkian, Patty's husband. Quotable: "The deep truth inside of you is the YES."

Joe Quotables:
"In an age of information, ignorance is a choice."
"Science is the the contemporary language of mysticism."
"It's not enough to know; people want to know how."
"We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon."
"My first morning question: What is the greatest ideal of yourself that you can present to the world today? . . . I'm not going to get up until I'm somebody else."

Gregg Quotables:
"Miracles become technology when we understand."
"The belief system of 'dog-eat-dog-world" affects our relationships, finances . . . ."
"We solve our problems based on the way we think of ourselves, our relationships & the world."
"We must stop being afraid because that fear will prevent us from moving into the future."

Bruce Quotables:
"Cancer is a lifestyle consequence."
"Change your perception and you change the function of your cells."
"You control the genes by the way you live your life."
"You're not a victim, you're a MASTER of your biology."
"You get sick not from what you caught but from what you already have." (Re: opportunistic microorganisms).
"Your life matches your beliefs."
"Kids learn without you teaching them." (Re: subconscious programming).
"How can you find love if you can't love yourself?"

Lunch Meet
I happened to sit down next to Dr. Barry Taylor, author of Love Your Body: Your Path to Transformation, Health, & Healing. I missed his presentation, so I was glad I got a chance to meet him. We swapped business cards and he pointed out the Chartres labyrinth on his--because I totally missed it. Ha! He also has a labyrinth in his back yard. A friend! Ruth & I stopped by his table in the exhibit hall and he has a line of protein bars & shakes that are DELICIOUS. 

Tea Time
So this has now become a family joke & when I told John Morgan about it, I got a snort-laugh from him & he said, "You have to tell that story." So here goes: I was at a coffee/tea station getting tea and there was a British guy there, too. They had "English Breakfast Tea." I said, "Oooh, English Breakfast Tea. I have some proper PG Tips in my room." And he looks at me and says, "Hm? Oh, right. BUILDERS TEA."  Hahahahaha  When I told Ruth, she launches into her Queen's English & says, "Oh, you Americans. You think you know about tea."  Fast forward to Monday night when I'm at Daniel's / Mum's and he says, "Making a cuppa Builders Tea, I see."  Hahahahaha

Joe Dispenza
What can I say about Joe Dispenza? He's just a fantastic presenter; smart, funny, & LOVEly. He's not one of those newage "you-create-your-reality" kinda guys. He does it. And then he says, "Lemme show you how." Ruth & I both went to his seminar last September. 3 days of neuroscience and meditation. Woo-hoo!  So it was a treat to see him again. 

Joe Dispenza: Neurons that FIRE together, WIRE together!
"Be inspired by a vision of the future  instead of a memory of the past."
"After you have everything you want, you start to think how you can contribute to the world."
"A memory without emotional charge is called wisdom."

So midwife Mum may be disappointed not to read more of the baby stuff, like the talk from Jennifer Margulis, author of The Business of Baby: What Doctor's Don't Tell You, Corporations Try to Sell You, And How to Put Childbirth, Your Pregnancy and Baby Before Their Bottom Line.  (Really good stuff, but no pix).  Sunday was the last day, and I missed some of the morning session because I wanted to meditate. And I figured Ruth would take notes. She did, but I don't have them. I came in at the end of  Ina May Gaskin's talk. She showed this video of a mother elephant giving birth & then the baby didn't move. She didn't give up! She nudges the baby and then finally wraps her trunk around the baby's trunk and pulls. As Jeanne Ohm said afterwards, "That was the baby's first chiropractic adjustment." Yeah!

This is the cover I made for my seminar notes journal:

And I'll end where I started, with Bruce Lipton. There were so many wonderful speakers and chiro-sis would get teary during some of the talks. As we were waiting for Bruce, I said, "No worries with Bruce. He won't make you cry!" Ha!  Bruce talks a lot about subconsious programming. He was presenting in Jeruselum in a mixed audience of Arabs & Jews. And he flashes up a picture of children holding machine guns. "YOU are programming your children for war! You can say you want peace. Your children might grow up and say they want peace as adults. But what are you going to do about it NOW?" And then he shows a photo of children holding hands. Awww . . . .

So that's the ICPA conference recap. SO AWESOME!!!  :-)

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