Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Reflection

It's the last day of 2014!  This is an exercise from The 2015 Labyrinth Journal: 

This is a good time to go thru your current journal or calendar to reflect back on the year. Reflection gives a sense of perspective; it shows where you’ve been and can give some insights into where you want to go.

What did you accomplish that you’re really proud of?  It’s easy to forget progress when you’re not where you want to be.  List at least 5 things that you did, big or small.

What would you like more of in 2015?

What would you like less of?

What did you enjoy?

What would you like to continue?

What would you like to stop?

What new thing(s) would you like to begin?

What were your favourite things that happened this year?

Here's one of mine:
Buddy & Reggie meeting for the first time.
RoRo Vizzies:
Perfect timing! Rowan didn't know Buddy was yawning! 
My sweet Bingo-Dingo:


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