Monday, February 16, 2015

Doggie Monday

Remember the bully stick that Buddy buried? And the marrow bone?  Were you wondering when he would dig them up? Me, too. 3 days. Almost exactly. First the bully stick, and the next morning, the marrow bone.
Chew-chew-chewing like the old moo cow.
Chilly days, but the dogs still like to sun themselves:
 Buddy on the deck:

*snoopy pose*


Shot of the back yard, with a bit of the lake:

Friday, I moved my office operation to the living room, so I could hug the wood stove. It was bitterly COLD and I couldn't get warm. Buddy crawled up behind me and sat on top of the pillows:

Back outside, Hullo! What's this?

Another clothes caper from Buddy:
He trotted over to it when he saw me taking a photo. As if to say, "This is MINE."
 Hanging out with Reggie:

Tabby looking down at Reggie. Sometimes I think
he wishes Reggie were smaller so he could eat him.
Bingo, overseeing her domain:

And more of Buddy:

Chewing on a marrow bone from outside:

 In the office:

Buddy likes to nick things out of the recycling.

This photo would be SO much better if Buddy were in focus:
Yeah, I know. Get off the green rectangle on your camera. Or you get a great, in focused ratty zipper.
 Out the window:

Reggie; such a distinguished profile.

Another pic of Reggie. I get a lot more when I have the telephoto lens on!
 Saturday morning:
Tabby takes the chance to steal the chair from Buddy.
 Reggie will go OUT the cat/beagle door but not back IN:
He just pokes his head in and barks.
Buddy pulls a milk carton out of the doggy toy box:
Nosing it with his nose.

I put the plaid dog bed on top of the round dog bed to clean, and this:

Sitting like a cat:

Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?


See where Buddy has chewed the window sill?  *SIGH* Oh, well. Didn't like it any, way.
Whatchya think, Reggie?
All righty, then. :-)
HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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