Sunday, February 22, 2015


It's been a bi-polar winter here. Cold-then-warm, Warm-then-cold. We finally got some real snow this season!  This would be  more of a dusting for New England, but we had a few inches. Judging by the trash can, it was about 10 inches. Or 12. 

I moved the car out of the way:
So I'd get a good pic off the front porch.
View from my front porch:
Meh. It was a great idea until I had to trudge out there to clean off the car.
That's not happening again.
Tabby venturing out:
See the thought bubble over his head?
"What fresh cold-hell is this?"


Kitty snow prints.  :-)  And then I cleared a path
 for him to get under the porch to do his cat-business.
Back yard:

And back deck:

I moved the bird feeder to the front, out of the way of the beagle:

Tree shadows. Yeah, I know. Get off the green rectangle and make this snow WHITE! 

This blue jay came flying in with a loud blue-jay call & scattered the birds:
Blue jays are such bullies.
Tabby did manage to go further than the porch, once I'd made tracks with my car:

 Looking like a bobcat.

One more of the back yard where you can see the lake:
Not really, tho. It's just a grey strip.
It's a bit dreary today. Cold & rainy on top of the snow. But the wood stove is fired up and we are warm and toasty.  :-)  HAPPY Sunday!

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