Monday, February 9, 2015

Doggie Monday

In the Living Room

It got bitterly COLD this week. Luckily, I have a very-toasty wood stove. I came out to the living room and found this:

Buddy had draaaaaaagged one of the smaller logs from the wood pile onto a dog bed to chew. 
As you do.

You can see the detris of a box that he pulled out of the recycling.

Speaking of boxes:
Here's another one. I saved him the trouble of rummaging thru the recycling & just threw it on the dog bed.

Here's Reggie. Hating my camera:

In the Office
Guess what time it is. Dinner time:
This is their "FEED ME" look.
 I was trying to get a close-up of Buddy, except he barked:
Here we go--apologies for the flash-caused, alien-green eyes.
 View out the Window
In addition to some bitterly cold days, we've had some warmish ones, too:
Zzzzz . . . . 
 You can see Reggie to the left on the lower deck:

I took these thru the kitchen window:

I can't remember what they were looking at--loud truck, or perhaps T-Bob.
 I've Never Seen This Before
When I go out and then come back, the dogs all greet me at the front door. It doesn't matter if I've been out shopping, or just walk to the post box. Buddy sits by the window, either on the back of the recliner or on top of the trunk, looking out. Bingo sits at the front door, and Reggie waits in his crate. When I walked in, I saw Buddy slinking down the back of the recliner in slow-mo. I thought, "There's now way he'll hold that position for me to grab a pic." But, amazingly, he did!
Slinkin' down the lean-back chair.
 Stretching out ye olde hip flexors:

So funny!
 Friday Night
I went out shopping to Costco, mainly because I was out of dog food. So I fed the dogs first thing and then I unloaded the rest of my shopping stuff. I put the bag in the bathroom until I could transfer it into the food bin. And this is where we find Buddy:
Outside the bathroom door.
That look of simultaneous determination and defeat says it all!
This weekend was GORGEOUS! Warm and sunny. The dogs took full advantage:
Reggie & Buddy snoozing.

Bingo & Buddy.
A few of Reggie:

Bingo & Buddy:

A coupla pix of Bingo:

Getting sleeeeeeepy.

Here's the back yard:
Notice anything?  I cleaned up all the "toys"/trash. A
whole trash bag of yogurt containers & milk cartons.
 Bully Sticks!
Yes, there are Bully sticks at Costco again; at $25.99 a bag. So this is a very special treat. BTW, that "HOW MUCH?!!" in the British accent you just heard thru the internet was my mother. Ha.

Here's Buddy taking his outside:

Here's Bingo:

Where are you going, Buddy?

Whatchya doin', Buddy?

Rustle-rustle, scratch-scratch.

Back to Buddy:

 And here's Tabby:
Is that not a TYPICAL cat expression?!
And here's Buddy again:

He BURIED his bully stick!

Tabby's reaction:
Typical cat disinterest.
 Bingo, still gnawing on hers:

Buddy, NOT chewing his:

Here's Reggie, in his favourite chewing spot:

Except, not a fan of my camera. Looking at his crate:

And then looking out the back door:

As soon as I moved, he went outside & I took these pix through the kitchen window:

Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?

 Don't you believe him! He's plotting and scheming!

See? Plotting . . . 

aaaaaand scheming:

"I'll just lie here and pretend I'm not doing anything."
See? Nothing to see here.
 Except that Reggie decided to move:

And then Buddy went after Reggie:


I didn't get the full gravity of the situation until after I'd taken these pix and was cleaning the bathroom. And then I hear Buddy in the LR barking and growling. I go in to find Buddy in Reggie's crate WITH Reggie! I didn't want to put my hand in there to separate them, so I pulled out the sleeping bag which just happened to have the bully stick in it. So I put the half-eaten bully stick on top of the fridge. I've never seen Buddy act that way & I was a bit concerned. But he then calmed down and he was his usual sweet, snuggley self.

Sunday Morning
I'd gone to Martin's and gotten some marrow bones for the dogs. So I gave them all one each on Sunday morning. Reggie is happily chewing in his crate. And Bingo takes hers outside and is chomping away in the grass. And here's Buddy:

Burying his bone!

And here he is:

NOT chewing his bone:

Later, Reggie came out with his bone. I was at the sink and I see Buddy chewing on a bone. Except, NOT his bone. *sigh* Reggie wasn't fighting over it. I think he came out with it after he was finished, and let Buddy have it. As far as I know, Buddy's bone is still in its hiding place. So that's our bit of unwelcome excitement this week. I used to think it was cute when Buddy would growl in his sleep. Now I can guess what he's dreaming about!  Other than that, all is well. HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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