Monday, April 6, 2015

Doggie Monday

I awoke this morning at 5 a.m. to the sound of Buddy scraping open the cat/beagle door and then the subsequent ROO-ROOing that followed after he got outside. *sigh*  I enticed him back in with the crinkle-crackley sound of a treat bag. [Loud whisper] "Buddy! Come here! . . . Buddy!" [Crinkle-crackle] It took a while, me coaxing him back in with the thumpa-thumpa of Reggie's tail in his crate and Bingo at my side waiting patiently for hers.

After he'd had a coupla Zuke's mini-bites, we crawled back in bed to snuggle:
I'm getting this week's gratuitous boudoir shots out of the way.
Time to get up, Buddy!
Tabby Bobcat is all purring and kneading.
 Buddy is paying him no nevermind:

I noticed as we were snuggling that Buddy's fur is incredibly soft, now. It was a bit coarse, for a lack of a better description. And I think it's because I have the dogs back on Annamaet. I finally made it to Carytown last month to the only pet store that sells it in the area. I had them on Costco's grain-free brand, but I can definitely tell a difference. 

Time to get up, Buddy?


Not yet:
Zzzzz . . . .
Spring Time

The winter has thawed and here's Buddy with a renewed mission:

I told John Morgan, "Boy, Buddy is really going at it, digging!" 
As per usual, John replied, "Yeah. They do that. Snuffy digs, too."

John surmises that the top soil has no smell because it's been frozen all winter.

Thus, our beagles are digging for Spring.

New Dog Food Container
I was keeping the dog food in the bathroom because Buddy can rip open the bags. This was getting tedious and awkward to maneuver around. Plus, then he started to go scratch at the door when he was hungry. So I moved it to the spare-room-soon-to-be-art-studio because I'm not in that room. So then he started scratching at that door! Something had to be done.  So I went to Tractor Supply for this:

That's right. Metal, baby. With a lid. 

The added bonus is that it's heavy enough to block the beagle/cat door. This did not stop Buddy from trying to move it, however:

What you don't hear is his whining. "I smell food. And it's blocking my way out to the yard. Oh, the humanity! Why must you torture me, so?!"

Round to the other side:

The look of defeat:
For now.
 Back in The Back Yard
Buddy has a digging buddy:

The excavation for Spring continues.

Reggie heads off to explore other parts of the yard:

Bingo, not a digger:

I used to have such a beautiful back yard. 

"I'm busy."
 Reggie comes to say hi:
Or something.

And then to a different part of the yard:

See? Spring! My favourite red bud trees are budding:

Here's Bingo, settled in to a nice dirt patch:

In The Lean-Back Chair
Saturday night, I left Buddy sleeping on a bed in the office and went to watch a bit of TV. Usually he comes trotting in when he hears the TV turn on. Now, prior to Buddy's arrival, TV time on my lap was a Tabby Bobcat affair. So Tabby happily hopped up and settled on to my lap. 

A bit later, Buddy came in and looks up at Tabby. I'm tapping the other side of the chair for him to jump up. "Come on, there's room for you both." But he leapt up onto the arm from a sitting position and then wedged himself behind my back, turning his torso into a right angle as he settled in on the other side. 

At some point, Tabby got off and Buddy stretched out across the foot rest. This is how he was when I got up:

I always put the foot rest down so he doesn't get stuck. And this is the result:
Zzzzz . . . .

Digging Dirt Nose
Here's Reggie:

His whole nose was the bright-red of Virginia clay, but he licked some off before I could get a pic:

 Happy Girl
Here's Bingo getting all scritchy-scratchy on her back:

All in the dirt. Time to clean up the yard, too!

In the meantime, here's Buddy:


Barky-Bark Over the Railing
Bingo surveys her domain as Reggie is all barky:
Whatchya lookin' at, Reggie?
 Squirrel? Easter Bunny? I didn't see anything but my most-awesome labyrinth:

Reggie went down to investigate:

 Dana & Roy Vizzie

Rita brought the "children" down to play this week so I got a few pix. 

Here's Dana:
Happy girl.
Here's Roy:
Such a sweetheart.
Buddy & Dana playing.
Reggie, Dana & Buddy.

Poor Dana, gets sat on a lot:

This was so funny, the way she just plonked down:

These two are so cute together:

The neighbor let her two dogs out, Molly and The Dog That Behaves. I only know Molly's name because the other one comes when s/he's called. Thus the need for the Indian name. Whenever the neighbor dogs come out, they must investigate--with Buddy leading them in a chorus of ROO-ROOing! 

He gets so excited!

And I'll leave you with Buddy & Bingo chillaxin' with Rita:

HAPPY Easter Monday!  :-)

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