Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Office Redo

It's been a joke about the third bedroom that I have. I switched my bedroom last summer (which has since had a few more evolutions)! I set up the spare room as a massage/yoga room/guest room. Ha. Much like before the move, it made a gradual descent into a junk room. If I were fancier, a junque room. In the meantime, I had also done some rearranging/reorganizing of my office. I even built shelves!  So that ALL my art supplies were categorized and organized.


Then I had a thought: Why am I cramming all my art stuff into the smallest room in the house? Especially since I have an essentially unused room. Thus began the move; of shelves, art supplies, and book cases. My house is in a state of upheaval. But I have brought order into the office. It started with this chair, as modeled by Buddy:

I stopped by the Goodwill in Goochland on Sunday. All day yesterday I kept thinking about this chair; cozy, comfortable. Sorta patchwork quilty. I thought, "If it's there on Tuesday, it's meant to be & I'll get it."  But I kept picturing it there in the alcove, so I finally just went and got it. I called Chiro-sis and she came over to help me bring it in; surprisingly easy to maneuver for such a large chair.  

See the dots on the wall behind Buddy?
Well.  I patched the holes left by the shelves. Then I painted, but didn't stir well enough, so I ended up with dark patches.  *sigh*

I was going to paint . . .

But then decided to do this:
Old book pages applied with wall paper paste.
Appearance from Tabby Bobcat:

Tabby is purring. :-)
I ran out of wallpaper paste, so I need to finish the last two feet at the bottom. You can sorta see it:

Zzzzz . . . .
This morning:

The book was a reference to Bible passages. Here's a close up of one of the pages:

 Can you hear my mother thru the internet saying, "Even when it's not Doggie Monday, you still have dogs on your blog!"

Zzzzz . . . .
More to come, but for now, this'll do.  :-)

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