Monday, April 20, 2015

Doggie Monday

We've had some really pretty Spring days. The dogs like to hang out on the back porch . . .

Chewed box in the foreground.

Round about now, you can here Mum saying, "Why don't you just call this The Buddy Blog?" But lookit! Here's a photo of my glorious back yard with red bud trees and the green of Spring sprouting:

Aaaaand back to Buddy:

In the Office

Tabby wins because he's higher:

Can you hear John Morgan thru the internet saying, "You realize this is Buddy's chair, don't you?"


I did pull out the old canvas drop cloths & draped one over the chair:

Bingo is woefully under represented in this week's post, and here was an attempt to get a pic of her:
They were both asleep, but she got up when I took the pic. 


So cute the way Buddy is sleeping on his paw:

Back outside:

Sunday Morning
Buddy has gathered some things to chew on:


Back to chew-chew-chewing like the old moo cow:

And then Reggie:
I took this pic thru the kitchen window.
He's still suspicious of the camera, but he's getting less spazzy about it:

Back in the Office

View from my desk chair:
Bingo & Buddy next to me.

Later, Buddy on the Throw Up Rug:

Why isn't he in his chair? you may be wondering. 

Because this:
Tabby Bobcat, king of the chair. 
All is well. HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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