Monday, April 13, 2015

Doggie Monday

I love this time of year when the frogs are singing and the toads are trilling and those two days before the bugs are out. The dogs are enjoying their days in the back yard, too.

A favourite spot for Bingo.

Reggie in the foreground.
Here's Buddy with a jaunt around the perimeter:

Reggie looking very regal & stately:

Nice shot of the grass, with Buddy in the background:

Snoopy pose:


Sniffing the air:


Show Dog Pose:


Buddy's tail sometimes hangs down right where the white meets the black:

*sniff*  So funny.

Bingo-dingo on the porch:

Here's Reggie:

He sees something . . . .

Sleeeeeepy . . . .
Buddy likes to hang over at this side when the neighbor dogs come out. Or the neighbors.

Then he's all "Roo-roo! Let's play!"  But really, it's just a bunch of barking. Sorry, neighbors!
Rule of thirds: NAILED IT!   Too bad it's in the washed-out, afternoon light.
Buddy likes this spot, too:

Zzzzz . . . .
Thru the kitchen window:

See that bit of paper? He carried that up there with him.

A bit of an over-squinch, there.

Reggie with a pine needle stuck to his lips:


Time for me to leave the house and here's Buddy:
Looking across the lake.

"Come on!"
"I don't think so."
[crinkle-crackle of treat bag]

"Well, OK."

This weekend I was working on my office and changing some things around. Really, it will be Pinterest-Before-And-After-Reveal-Worthy soon. Anyway, I came in from the art studio to find Buddy like this:
Zzzzzz . . . .  SO CUTE!
And that's our Springish week. HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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