Monday, May 4, 2015

Doggie Monday

It's been a fun week with the dogs. They are enJOYing Spring and most of the time in the yard.

View of Reggie thru office window:

Here's Buddy going thru the jungle that is the back yard:

View out kitchen window; Buddy & Reggie playing:

We appeased the weather gods somehow & Lawnmower Ben was able to get the yard mowed in between deluges. Here's Buddy on the porch, after:

New Spring Green is one of my favourite colours:



This was so funny, and the photos won't do it justice. Buddy was tracking something. I took a coupla pix from the porch above:

You don't get the full sensory experience of him Roo-rooing & sniffing:

I got some Red Robin carryout. Here's Buddy having pulled the box out of the recycling:

 He's smelling the faint scent of bygone yumminess. Sorry there weren't any share-sees.

Reggie in the back ground.

I've been rearranging my house and organizing and cleaning. Here's Bingo in the mix:

This was my bedroom that I turned into the guest/yoga/massage room. I'm in the process of turning it into an art studio. It's s-l-o-w-l-y making the transition from junk room to art studio.

Buddy comes to inspect:
Can you hear Mum thru the internet?
"I thought you said this was going to be off-limits to the dogs!"
Ummmm . . . .
No, you're not in the way, Bingo:

Buddy on the new sofa:

The LR is also a work in progress:

Because I moved the white cabinet to the art studio:

RoRo Vizzie

Buddy is such a digger! So Rowan went to help him:

Bingo looking from her spot:


Such a happy girl!

Lemme see your hands, Ro:

Buddy still digging:

Ro going back to help with more digging:

Buddy on a mission and not really interested in any "help."

Hug for Bingo:

All tuckered out, in my meditation Buddy's chair:

Another Back Yard Day

He most likely brought that bit of cardboard to sit with. I would say PROLLY, but I already ended that sentence with a PROPOSITION preposition, so I don't want to push my luck with the Grammar Nazis.


Here's Reggie:

Doing his John Morgan interprelation:

I was actually going to KEEP this box to hold my crafty sticker-maker. But then this:

He over-squinched.

Back inside:

I was cleaning & stacked the dog beds out of the way.
King of the castle:

Sorry, Bingo . . . 

Back in the chair:

Bingo on the T.U. rug:

As soon as Buddy leaves, Tabby takes the opportunity to usurp the chair:

And Buddy is here, still king of  the castle:

But then, back in the chair:

My office is all organized and clean. Woo-hoo! The rest of the homestead is . . . in process. Bingo and Buddy in the office:

It's so rare that I get the 3 of them all in one shot:

Buddy trying to play with Bingo:

Outside after a rain:

I cleaned off the back porch (finally). Here are all 3 dogs again:
Reggie, Buddy, Bingo.
Can you see his tail going swishy-swish?

I walked into the office and found Buddy cuddling with my blanket I knit:

Awww . . . cutie-pie.
Another sleeping pic:

Here's what Tabby thinks about that:

Back outside:

When I go out, Tabby will join me. Otherwise, he steers clear of Buddy & Reggie who want to "play" with him. And by "play," I mean CHASE.

All is well. HAPPY Monday!  :-) 

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