Monday, May 18, 2015

Doggie Monday

In The Back Yard

"Why am I looking at the derriere of a beagle?" you may be asking. 
I wanted to remember that he absconded with and then buried Bailey's stuffed squirrel:

Here's Reggie, not stealing squirrels:

Buddy, at half-mast with the tail:

With Bingo:

Stretching out his hip flexors:

Tail at half-mast again:

Bailey & Bingo:
Bingo, pointing:

Look who else is pointing:

So what do you do after you bury a toy squirrel? 
Dig it back up, of course & bring it inside:

And then take it back outside:

Bingo in one of her spots:

Buddy, sunning himself:

RoRo Vizzie

When I picked up Rowan from school, I told him, "I have a guest dog staying with me for the week. You met her last summer." He said, "Bailey's here?!"  He remembered.  :-)

Brushing the shedding Bingo:

View Out The Window


Whatchya lookin' at, Buddy?

Here comes Rowan:



Going thru the recycling bin again:

But then it's back to the squirrel!


Taking off with the squirrel:

Burying the squirrel:

Reggie, not burying the squirrel again:

I put a towel on our meditation chair for extra protection. And this is what Buddy does:

Back in the yard with squirrel:

Bailey coming to investigate:

A walk-by sniff.
And she keeps walking . . .

Life is good!

Coming back:

And walking by . . .

Marrow Bones
I gave them marrow bones on paper plates and this:
On the rug!
On the dog bed:

Reggie with his in his crate:

Bingo went outside with hers:

In The Office

Bailey & Bingo:

Bailey In Her Office

Bailey's "office" at home is the bathroom. This is her office away from home:

Bailey at the Back Door

This is Bingo's favourite spot, lately:
Under the kitchen table.
Here's Reggie:

I put all the toys in the pool when Lawnmower Ben came to mow:

Oh, lookit! A bone!

Reggie says hullo.

In The Boudoir

Just when I think things could not be any cuter in the House of Chambers, this:

HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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