Monday, May 11, 2015

Doggie Monday

This past weekend Chiro-sis & I went to see Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden. We stayed at Radio Guy's place in WV because I'm also dogsitting Bailey this week:
Bailey. Such a sweetie. She's 12 and she SMILES when she sees you!
So after the seminar, we just brought Bailey back with us. 

Buddy thru the window, rockin' the half-tail droop. He sees something.
But what's this? *sniff*
Taking the remnants of a tissue box with him . . .
. . . for a better vantage point.

I took the last coupla weeks off from John Morgan Seminars to do some organization & cleaning stuff. I rearranged a lot of furniture. Mum joked, "Where are the book cases, now?" Anyway, lots of ordinary days at home, hanging with the dogs. Here's Bingo:

I woke her:
Zzzzz . . . .
I'm loving my new meditation corner in my office. So is Tabby:

He and Buddy both like the chair, and sometimes share, but here's Buddy:

Accepting reality.

And then over to the T.U. rug:

Bingo, getting ready for belly rubs:

Tabby, either having a Groom Fest or sleeping on his paw, I can't tell:

You know how you hear "Cats are so clean" ?  Yeah, personal hygiene is their specialty. It's not like they're cleaning anything else. They're pretty messy otherwise. 

Eventually, Buddy gets his chair back:

Cutie pie.
Bingo, in a dirt-eating fest:

RoRo Vizzie

Whatchya got there, Ro?

Doggy Rowan:

While Rowan was there, I caught Buddy in a poo-eating caper. Bingo is too refined, but Buddy and Reggie both do it. Ewww!  I try to be digilent in keeping the yard free of morsels, but they will take any opportunity. 

Thus began Rowan's song:
"My name is Buddeeeee, 
And I like poopeeees." 

Here are all 3 dogs, soaking in the sun in their giant dirt patch:
Buddy, Bingo, Reggie.
Reggie: Hullo.
I was enJOYing my staycation. I haven't gone to any seminars since I saw Bruce Lipton last November.  And I usually have a "I-don't-wanna-go-anywhere" feeling right before I leave. I like being home. But I also like going to seminars with Chiro-sis. This time, though. I was getting more and more reluctant. I was counting down the days of sleeping with Buddy. By Thursday, I was almost in a panic. "Why are you so spazzy?" asked Ruth. "I'M NOT SPAZZY!"  

Hahahaha It's funny now. Why was I so spazzy? I kept seeing Buddy and Reggie out in the neighborhood running around, while they were at Rita's. Now, this is not an unfounded fear. Every time they've gone to Rita's, Buddy has gotten out of the yard and we have systematically worked on securing it. I had fixed the exit point last time, but Lawnmower Ben's big dog had broken thru over Thanksgiving. "But it's fixed," said Rita. 

I decided to meditate and calm down. But even after that, I still felt this uneasiness. "OK, I'm going to go over and check out the yard." I walked all around the yard. The fence was secure, but by the gate was not. Buddy, and most likely Reggie, too, would've whipped thru and been out in the neighborhood before I got back in my car. 

I had tried to reason away why I was feeling uneasy. I'm glad I didn't. It wasn't senseless worry; it was my intuition. I'm so glad I listened to it! 

It came to me what I needed to do when I woke up Friday morning. John Morgan had mentioned zip ties and a board. So I got Mum to come over around 8, and we went over to Rita's with Atlasta's drill, some wire and a board, and secured the fence. Done! I felt immediately better and brought the dogs over and dropped them off.

However, on Saturday afternoon, Mail Carrier Tessa called me that the gate was open and there were no dogs in the yard. Gah!  I panicked. I had asked her to check the yard for me if she was in the 'hood. When I told John this story, the first thing he asked was, "Was she in the right yard?" Short answer: No. But I didn't ask that. She thought the dogs were at my house. I had not been specific enough, and just assumed she knew that. I called Rita, who wasn't at home, so she had no way to check, but she headed home.

I made arrangements for Ruth to come home with friends who were there at the seminar.  I jumped in my car and went to go pick up Bailey before heading home. As I was driving, I thought, "I gotta calm down. This is really all going to be OK." I kept imagining that when I got to Martinsburg, I would have a phone call that would say, "It's all OK. The dogs are safe." So for the last 20 minutes of the ride, I was saying, "Thank you for the dogs all being safe," and imagining going back to the seminar. Sure enough, I stopped to get gas and then Rita called to say that all was well, the dogs were there! Whew! So I turned around and went back to the seminar. And listened to Bruce Lipton on the way back. 

I caught the last couple hours of the seminar and then we went to get Bailey and drove home Saturday night. I picked up the dogs on Sunday morning, and here are Bingo and Buddy saying hi to Bailey:

They just need name tags on their butts.  ;-)

See Bingo pointing?

Reggie retreated to his crate.

After polite hullos, Buddy surveys the perimeter:

Bailey is such a sweet, old girl.

She reminds me a bit of Maggie; very waggy and cheerful.

A few more of Bailey:

Her first owners got her as a puppy. They kept her in a crate a lot and were getting rid of her when she was 9 months old because she was "too big." Pure bred Golden Retriever. Luckily, Radio Guy got her.

When he lived in a cabin, he used to carry her up the steps to the loft. "But she's a bed hog. I'll try to nudge her over and she's heavy. She'll do it because she's a Golden Retriever, but she's not happy about it!"

And then the Snooze Fest began. 

They play hard with Dana and Roy when they go to Rita's. 

Look at that tongue:

Can you stand such cuteness?

Zzzzzz . . . .
HAPPY Monday!  :-)

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