Saturday, April 7, 2007

Intention Gems

"Neuroscientists have found that brain cells fire not just upon action, but immediately upon formation of an intention." ~Caroline Casey

I like to collect pebbles and rocks. Many years ago on a visit to Cape May I collected "Cape May diamonds" on Sunset Beach. They're little quartz pebbles that wash up on the beach. I've done different crafty things with them. I had a whole bowl of them in my healing room with a different word written on each one: Gratitude, Meditate, Faith, etc. I'd show a picture of them, but they're packed away in a box. Anyway, from that basic idea I've created "Intention Gems." You can use them for your yoga practice: pick a gem at random for your focus, pick one before you walk a labyrinth, or meditate, etc. They come in a pretty little bag, or I've made boxes. The first one is for my friend Robbie, who just turned 81 yesterday. She loves hummingbirds and I got these little brass ones at the craft store last year, not knowing what I was going to do with them...until now.
This next box is at Yoga East:

Sharon Cameron and I will be doing an Intention workshop next Saturday at Yoga East. We went for a walk along the beach a couple weeks ago and collected all sorts of treasures. We'll be doing a meditation and then a make-and-take Intention Gems (just the gems, not the box).

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