Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random thoughts...and a Yey, me!

I'm so glad Susan got a blog so she could tell me how to change my time. Apparently I was set to Guyana time. I didn't really care if it said I'd done a post at 4 a.m. when it was really 7...but now it's a bit more accurate. Thanks to all who have given me such encouraging feedback for this blog.
I just found out my proposal was accepted to present at Eric Jensen's Learning Brain Expo in San Francisco next January. Yey, me! The seminar is called Labyrinth Journey through the Brain. I've been working on the script for the CD. It will include: Getting Ready to Learn, Relaxation techniques for test-taking, an end-of-the-day learning integration/recall, and a sleep induction with suggestions on memory enhancement. This is all stuff I do in my brain-based learning intro seminar.
I'm also excited to go to San Francisco. We went there when I was 5 or 6. What's really neat is that we have home movies of our trip. We don't have too many photos or movies with my father in them because he was always behind the camera. It's interesting to look at the world through his eyes now that I'm an adult. It gives me a new appreciation for him not just as my father, but as an artist. We just see the world differently.
I've been househunting. I've moved from WV and am on Kent Island, where all my BEAUTIFUL sunrise pictures come from. [This next bit is for my brother: Yeah, I know. Don't end a sentence with a proposition...{yeah, I know...preposition}.] It's been interesting going into different homes and seeing what "normal" is to others. I've gone into happy houses and grieving ones. One in particular that I just wanted to take a shower afterwards. It looked neat but it felt so oppressive. I could hear the fights in the walls and an alcoholic husband. I've walked into giant ashtrays and houses where I could smell stinky candles, plug-ins, etc. before I opened the door. What smell are they trying to cover up that is worse than neurotoxic fragrances? Oh, right...cigarettes...I taught my real estate agent about Feng Shui and evaluating the energy of the space. And in every house my prayer is that it finds its new owner if it's not me. I've seen a couple that have promise...and room for my new labyrinth....
Sharon Cameron always ends class with a moment of GRATITUDE. And I am so grateful for all of life's experiences and for my WONDERFUL friends and family. THANK YOU. :-) H.

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