Saturday, April 14, 2007


I was watching The Secret with my friend Robbie who had not seen it yet. I've not watched it since the Yoga East book club meeting last month. This is a stress-free bookclub. You don't have to read the book, come watch the movie. Bring your favourite snack. Here, have some chocolate! Anyhoo, every time I watch the movie, I get a new Ah-ha. I was looking at John Assaraf's Vision Board and he had written:


Ah-ha. A friend! And it made me think of Bruce Lipton. The first time I heard him speak, he said, "I woke up one morning and decided to live my life in nothing less than joy."

When I heard Bruce say that, I thought, "I want that belief!" Beliefs colour our perception of how we experience our world. I want to look at the world through those goggles. We are all living on the same planet, but we are most definitely not living in the same world. I choose JOY.

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