Thursday, April 19, 2007

LOVE for a new Goddess-sister-friend

This is for a dear sister-friend whom I've just recently met. She is leaving an abusive relationship. What I have noticed is beyond the bruises, there is the slow chipping away at the spirit. It creates doubt within yourself for even the simplest of decisions because what if?
What if he's in a bad mood?
What if he doesn't like what I made for dinner?
What if the house isn't PERFECT when he comes home?

Here are the NEW WHAT IF'S:
What if you could feel safe within your own skin now?
What if you discovered hidden strengths and resources you didn't even know you had?
What if you discover you CAN DO THIS?
What if you know that you are not alone and you have new friends to support you?
What if you choose to live your life based on God's plan for you instead of someone else's selfish agenda?
What if you lose a marriage that sucked in the first place to be embraced by a loving community that welcomes you?
What if all you desire to give the world is waiting for you to take that leap of FAITH and fly?

What if this is your opportunity to live the dreams of your heart?
What if you find that strength and courage to move through this as you read this now?

Courage is not a feeling, it is an act. If we wait to feel courageous, we will surely stay waiting. Courage is feeling fear and being able to move through it. Courage is having faith in your Self, your heart, your God when others might try to control you. DO IT ANYWAY. We LOVE you!!!

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