Saturday, September 13, 2008


God plants the seeds of desire in our hearts. Manifesting those desires is our gift back to God. There is a saying that God doesn't have hands so He uses ours. What are your hands doing?
I have had a year of self-reflection, asking myself all sorts of questions. I'm in the middle part of my life, and I'm wanting to be conscious about how I live the rest of it. Part of it is taking inventory: What have I lived with that I want to let go of now? This can be anything from unexamined beliefs or behavioural patterns, to the mundane of a bookcase of books that I've not opened in 10+ years. What are you holding onto that needs to go? A clasped hand holding onto something, can't possibly be open to receive anything new. A house full of clutter with every square space filled, can't possibly welcome anything else. There needs to be
It is like a tree that needs to be pruned; getting rid of the dead branches, trimming back the ones that have gone wild. It may feel like loss, but it is actually a letting go of what prevents the bearing of greater fruits.
Which brings me back to gifts. It takes energy to maintain all this STUFF. How much energy does that leave for sharing your gifts with the world? XM Radio Guy likes to say, "If I've learned nothing else, E-bay has taught me that nothing is irreplaceable." What are the THINGS that hurricane evacuees leave their homes with? Start there.


Anonymous said...

Beutifuly put. I'm on my own cursade agaist clutter right now. I have a small home and don't like the extras but at the same time it seems to become a habit to hold on to things.

It's that little black dress that we hang on to for when we lose a couple pounds. Next thing you know you keep it just because you always keep it. (lol)

I am slowly moving thru my house, office, life and evaluating what I really want in it. I'm always amazed and how much emotion we attach to objects and how much we don't miss them when they're gone. It reminds me that no matter what society or the media put out there it's really up to us what we want in our lives, what we allow to define us, and what means succes to us.

Thanks for the encourageing post and good luck on finding what YOU want from life.

Hali Chambers said...

That's so true about the emotions we attach to things. Peter Walsh, Oprah's Organizing Guy, always says that it's the memory, not the thing taking up space. It's getting easier to let the stuff go as I work through it all. Thanks for stopping by!
:-) H.