Monday, September 22, 2008


Yesterday I attended the quarterly Spirit School gathering. Christen McCormack, the founder, has been a friend & mentor to me for 20 years. She was one of my original Reiki Masters, and much of the healing work that I do has come from her wise teachings. Also at the gathering was another friend/mentor, Susan Wiesniewski. Yesterday's theme was Vitality:

What gives you energy? What depletes you? What is life-enhancing to one person can be depleting to another. It all depends. It's about tuning in to yourself and paying attention. So this is the exercise we did:

  • On one side of the paper, list all the things that enhance your vitality: situations, activities, people. (e.g. laughter, great conversations, learning new things, naps)
  • On the other side, list all the things that deplete you.
  • Put a star beside the ones you do everyday.
  • Circle the ones you'd like to add to your daily routine on the Vitality side.
  • Create an action plan. (e.g. daily exercise, listen to more music, dance)
What gives you more vitality, enthusiasm, juice in your life?


Anonymous said...

Exercising with my little sister- we do dance dance revolotion and laugh the whole time. My husband, laughter, gardening, sculpting, a clean house.

Always good to take time to remember what matters. To inclued it in our days. I love what I heard someone say about doing exercise (or anything that vitalizes your life) daily. They said that the main excuse that women give is not having enough time but you don't say that you don't have time to brush your teeth or take a shower. Self care is just as important.

Hali Chambers said...

So True! My chiro-friend Catherine always says, "You know the BEST exercise???"

The one you will do.

Hahahaha :-) H.