Monday, September 29, 2008

My Best Friend's Girl

This is a silly, vulgar, delicious movie, starring Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, & Dane Cook. How do you get back the girl who dumped you? Give her some perspective with a truly horrible date from Tank, played by Dane Cook. There are lots of funny moments, like when Tank takes a v. religious gal to a pizza place called Cheesus Crust. In the restaurant, there's a variation on da Vinci's Last Supper painting with Jesus holding out 2 pizzas. I think my favourite scene is when Kate Hudson's roommate tells her: You have to listen to that small, inner voice inside you. Lest you think she's going all woo-woo spiritual, she clarifies: It's the voice of your clamburger.

Throughout the movie, The Cars are in the background; Here she comes again.... I'm a sucker for that song because back in my Mary Wash. daze, I used to play keyboards in Attitude Exchange, a new wavy-ish band. And this was one of the songs that we did. So it was a fun movie to watch, definitely worth a rainy afternoon matinee. :-) H.

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