Monday, January 12, 2009

Dinner Dance with Mum

If there's ever a raffle or drawing, my mother always wins something!

They had a live band. We danced to one song before we left. What's that song that Kid Rock does that sounds like Werewolves of London & Sweet Home Alabama? We danced to that.

Mum: What's the name of that dance?
Me: What dance?
Mum: That dance that we just danced to.
Me: No name.
Mum: It doesn't have a name?
Me: No, Mum. It's just called dancing.
Mum: Oh. [Pause] I like Big Bands better.

The best part of the whole evening was I saw my former favourite French teacher & husband. She must have some Dorian Grey picture in the attic that's aging for her, because she doesn't! I used to babysit for them and it was great to catch up, but it was a too-short visit. I also saw an old school friend I could not have picked out of a line up. You know how some people get so old and fat you can't recognize them? This was not her. Drop-dead gorgeous. As soon as she started talking I recognized her, tho--so gregarious & sweet. Anyway, that was our dinner dance evening.

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