Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teapot Instructions

Brother D & I did some shopping at Costco for the Xmas Fam Gath. As we were walking thru, SIL called and then after he got off the phone, he said, "Oh yeah. What do you want for Christmas, Hal?" I pulled an electric teapot off the shelf. This. I ooohhhed & aaahhhhed when I opened it. "How did you know I wanted one of these? It's perfect!" So I was reading the instructions this a.m. and this is what it said:

Really? Do not pour in the direction of people or OVER people? Hahahahaha

You know that some nut prolly did this, so they have to warn against it. Or their Legal Dept. is ruling out all options of misuse. There was also the do not submerge in water while plugged warning. But I already knew about that one because I have a hairdryer. ;-)

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