Thursday, February 5, 2009

HAPPY Birthday!

Today is Pioneer Sister's b-day. The first 4 of the clan were 16 months apart, she is 4th in the line-up. Mum once said, "Don't ahhhsk me about the '60's, I was too busy having children!" My sister is my mother's daughter: nothing stops her. She blazes her own trail and has the just do it attitude. For the purposes of this blog, I call her Pioneer Sister because she is. She & BIL renovated an old hunting lodge in the middle-of-nowhere from the ground up. Literally! At 8 months pregnant with #3, she was down in the hand-dug stone well repairing it. This past summer, she finished painting the whole house on the outside. I marvel at her strength and tenacity. She really is one of those Super Moms who does it all: takes care of the house, the family, the garden. On top of that, she can do math so well, she works for an accountant!

In our family
she did come
smiling, sweet
red-haired one.
Standing guard
at Christmas time
gifts to open
in a line.
Ghost tag games
Husker Du
playing Spit*
We LOVE you.
Happy Birthday
little sis
Happy birthday
Here's a kiss.

*Before you say Eeeewwwww! Spit was a card game and she was always the fastest at it!

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