Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snapshots from the New England Road

It was quite the trip. I got gluten free pizza on my birthday! And we had 21 inches of snow in the middle of it all. As we were driving on the highway through the blizzard, John said, "Talk to me, Hali." I'm too busy praying, I said. We stopped in Lebanon, NH at a ski/golf shop. I got some great long underwear, the kind that skiers & mountain hikers wear. Warm but not bulky. I didn't have much time because John said, "You're cutting into my nap time." Hahahaha

Here are a few pix in no particular order . . . in answer to Are you drinking coffee? Just for last week:

"Certified" sounds so official. Who is this "Rainforest Alliance" of the Holiday Inn? I hope this rainforest "content" is only coffee. And what's the other 70%? Uncertified content?

This was so funny to me because I have more wood in my woodshed and WOW! Really? That's how much wood costs? John said it's for the tourists who want to have a log fire.
I took this next picture for my nephew who loves all-things-piratey:

This was a great seafood lunch. The most entertaining thing is listening to John identify people's patterns in the restaurant. Then John said as our young waiter was taking our order, "This guy is an Enneagram 7." Remember Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Adventure? Yeah, like that. I said he was in a band, so John asked him if he was. Psychic today! How did you know? Waiter Guy asked. And then, Guess what instrument I play . . . trick question! I don't play anything, I'm the lead singer. So cute. Hahahaha

This is a v. popular restaurant. The Illegal Sea Foods restaurant is in the back alley. Hahahaha

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