Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Changing Lives: Mum's Trip

Have tools, will travel. Photo above of Mum's friend Charlie who invited her to the Dominican Republic and then didn't go! Come on, Anne. All the COOL people are going. Apparently not! ;-)

This is the house they build. 750 square feet, with electricity & cold running water! It takes 4 1/2 days to build. Mum said she's never worked so hard in her life--which if you know Mum, means something! The whole community comes together to build these houses. The family that moved into Mum's build came from 250 square feet of no plumbing or electric. They have nothing and they have everything, says Mum. No daycare centers, no nursing homes, and everyone dances.

This is the finished house. It costs $8000 to build. Cambiando Vidas translates to "Changing Lives." WOW. Mum is already planning a trip back in November & has invited me along. Time to learn me some Spanish & pump some iron.

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