Monday, March 23, 2009

On The Fence

The above quote is from today's Grasshopper Note. Here's the thing about fence-sitting: I'm pretty good at it. I can balance. I know that the grass is as green on either side. I can see lots of possibilities. Am I waiting for a wind to come and knock me down to make a decision for me?

There really is a part of me--and everyone else--that knows. It's the rest of us that gets in the way. To quote that great contemporary philosopher John Reznik, Truth is a whisper. It's not the noise of society, but the stillness of your soul. Do you stay true to your authentic self, or do you care too much about what others think? Do you risk offending someone or do you play it safe? In the past, I've mostly played it safe. I bite my tongue when I could have spoken up. Or I've waited until I can't tolerate a situation and then I'm a spitting cat. Or so the metaphor was used in a convo this a.m. What's in between? Stupid fence.

The truth is this: my ass is getting tired. It takes a lot of energy to stay up on the fence in this balancing act. And I have work to do. I was walking my labyrinth earlier meditating on this whole fence pattern, with the intention of getting more energized to do the things I need to do.

You're waiting for more energy to DO something when if you just begin doing it, you will get more energy.

*sigh* Truth in a whisper. Well. Time to get off the fence.

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