Monday, March 16, 2009

Off to bed

So tired, but am slapping up a post because I don't think I'll get to it tomorrow. And my Dr. Lee Report will have to wait. So today . . .

XM Radio Guy taught me how to activate my webcam & I had my first webcam chat. It was lots of fun because SIL & M were with me. XM Radio Guy has a thing where he can have a sock puppet talk instead of his picture. So he did that for a while & then switched to a jowly dog. M was thrilled!

After the kiddliewinks were in bed, Brother D & I played with the webcam--and this is where I'm disappointed--I took pictures of us but left the cable at home so I can't upload to my laptop. But it's been super-fun & can't wait to post the pix.

So the reason I'm onto the webcam thing is that I have my first personal training session on Wednesday, and I need to learn how to use it for that. I'm on a quest to get healthy and strong. I'm at the age now where gravity will win if I don't DO something. Consistently. I was looking for a book to read before bed and this jumped off my shelf:

I know I've had several this-book-will-change-your-life book reports recently. And now I'm adding this one to The List. These exercises go beyond losing weight and getting strong. They really focus on health. There are compelling before & after photos, but there are also some amazing stories of people going off blood pressure meds, regulating their menstrual cycles, and getting a handle on diabetes. The exercises are simple and don't require any extra equipment or a tremendous amount of time.

I was really inspired by this book and wanted to start exercising right away. But I also want to make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly. I looked for local T-Tapp classes. Nothing. But I did find Lani Muelrath, who does training online. Enter the webcam. So I'm looking FW to learning the routine. I'll have a full report of course. In the meantime, really . . . Zzzzzzzz . . . nite-nite.

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