Friday, March 13, 2009


I had to call XM Radio to cancel my subscription. No Bill Hutton, no me. They automatically renewed it, but thankfully didn't have my credit card, so they billed me. Hehhhh . . . so I called and waited. And waited. 25 minutes and then I had to hang up for a phone conference, after which I called again. Have you heard the lame music they play? Remember elevator muzak? Yeah, that. In between are promos for baseball, Nascar & Howard Stern. At minute 23, Gail King comes on and says to hang on, some one will be with me.

Really? You're expecting your customers to wait so long that you've gotten Gail King to cajole us to hang on? BTW, I got to the Gail King marker both times. And this is the same number you call to sign up for service. Call us but we don't really want to talk to you.

I got a v. nice gal on the phone who was completely ineffective. There was no supervisor for me to talk to. According to XM I have a balance that I have to pay for the subscription renewal that THEY did. XM Gal offered to take a payment over the phone. AS IF. As if I'm giving my credit card for them to "automatically renew" my subscription. After all this, she told me that I would have to call back to make sure my cancellation went through. So I call to cancel, but then I have to call AGAIN to make sure I'm cancelled?

They made the mistake of sending me a customer service survey. Nice lady, stupid company. I told them I was writing about this on my blog. So here you go. My kvetching for Friday.

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