Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Usually I go for a walk to my post box in the afternoon. Something prompted me to walk down in the morning yesterday . . . we had a tremendous amount of rain last night. It poured. The water was a bit high:

See? Overall Beach is flooded.

Overall Creek, rushing into the river. It sounded like rapids!
Acting like a real river.

I got to my postbox--jackpot! Birthday cards--YAY, me! A couple hours later, I was tippy-tapping away at the computer, and Millie is staring out the window. Periodically, she gives a woof.

Sometimes she barks at cars or airplanes. Not this time. Yesterday, she was barking at the river. I stood behind her and you could see the movement of the river. Every time a tree or something floated by, she barked. Then Maggie joined her:

Like TV for dogs.

The river had risen a bit so I walked down . . .

Well this puts a damper on going into town today!

You can't see them, but in the photo below, across the river, 2 people on a 4-wheeler had gone along side the river down a ways. They just barely made it back; in that 10 minutes, the road had already been covered by water. That's how fast the water was rising.

So I went back to the house. And then! More woofing and I looked out the window and it seemed that there were more trees floating even faster down stream. Was that a refrigerator I just saw? So I walked back down to the river:


Neighbor Dave at a safe distance.

Definitely not going anywhere!


Deb said...

Wow, Hali...fingers crossed it doesn't go higher(!). So are M&M asking for popcorn to go with their window TV?

Hali Chambers said...

It crested at 3, this a.m. It's twice as high as in these photos--more tomorrow!

M&M are so funny! Millie especially is v. vigilant! No corn of any kind for the girls--they are grain-free. ;-) H.

Alaria Sun said...

Some pretty cool pics! glad you are safe.