Monday, January 4, 2010

M&M Monday

I'm home most of the time. And M&M are with me wherever I am in the house. They have their main beds in the LR & my office. When I move to a different room, Maggie waits to see if I'm going to be in there for any length of time, and then she follows. Any longer, and Millie comes to join us. I have sleeping bags for a quick bed.

I used to think it was odd that they both will come to the door and bark. They are so much barkier than Barkley or Remi were. But I now realize that they were waiting to be invited in. They won't come in unless I tell them to come in. They do that when they're outside on the back porch, as well.

Maggie on floor, Millie on bed. Asleeeeeep.

I promised a surprise last week. But the surprise is mostly mine. I was all set to get another rescue dog (a rottie) when I went to Richmond over new year's. And then I didn't. And I think it's best. I think M&M need my undivided attention. I think going into my busy-time-of-year with John Morgan Seminars is not the time to be introducing anything new into the daily regime. I think I will have M&M until I don't. And then I can look into getting more dogs.

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