Wednesday, January 13, 2010

M&M Bonus

[insert eye roll from Mum, here]

OK, so here's the deal. When I downloaded my camera this week, there were just too many cute pictures of the girls to put into one post. So I'm breaking it up. I know one person who's not going to complain. ;-) Hi Mari.

This is Millie's spot:

where she overlooks her domain . . .

These girls don't seem to mind the cold so much. Barkley & Remi were never ones to stay outside if I was in. But M&M--it hasn't been cold enough yet for them to dash back inside!

"Give me a nice sunny patch, & I'm good!"

On the other hand, here's Maggie:

Earth Dog. Happy on the ground! Stay tuned for snowy pix.


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm another one of Millie and Maggie"s fans. I come to your site every week to see their pics. :)


Hali Chambers said...

Welcome, Sharon! It's so nice to meet another one of M&M's fans! I'm so grateful that there were so many of you kind people pulling for them.
Thanks for all you do. All the BEST, :-) H.