Thursday, January 14, 2010

M&M in the Snow

The girls have become much more agile since they've been on doggie Vioxx (Deramaxx). Millie especially, is not grumbling when she gets up in the a.m. They're both a bit spryer and while they don't go much faster, they go farther!

Saturday a.m. I was out in my robe and fuzzy slippers getting them back into the house from up behind the wood shed. *sigh* Really, girls? I've not even had my morning cup of tea!

Really I like this pic because it shows off chiro-sister's stained glass piece. This is the view out my kitchen bay window. Not sure which dog that is in the background.

A final one of Maggie:

Happy as a clam. (not canned--because canned clams would not be happy).

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