Friday, March 12, 2010

Life's a Sitch

I started this post off with: Everything happens for a reason. I think that has been a useful belief for me in the past because it took the sting out of a few situations. It has also encouraged me to look for the lessons. The conundrum comes when I spend my time searching for the reasons why a thing happened. There's a line between finding a lesson and going in circles.

I've been listening to Caroline Myss who says that searching for why something happened is looking to attach blame to someone else. It also keeps us in the victim role. So then I amended it to: Everything happens for a reason, but I don't need to know why. Because I may never know and some things are so horrible that no amount of human reasoning can make it a good thing. This is useful because it promotes acceptance of a situation. Acceptance is helpful in being able to move on.

is close sisters to whine. You can't whine and change your situation. One is a mind-loop, and the other requires action. One is waiting, and one is movement. And then I had a conversation with John Morgan, and he said:

Everything happens. And then you attach a meaning to it.

In other words: Reality happens, then the reason. Ah-ha!

Dave Dobson was anti-why as well. Why doesn't change the circumstances & it keeps you stuck where you are. Dave gave a simple exercise when something happens: take a deep breath. Trust your Other-than-conscious to create a solution.

There are all sorts of situations. There's the Situation Room with Wolf Whatshisname, and apparently there's a guy named The Situation on some New Jersey reality show. There are situations all around us. In short, life's a sitch. Now what? Remember those old bumperstickers from the 80's? Life's a bitch, then you die? Here's one for the 21st century:

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