Monday, March 29, 2010

M&M Monday: Mostly Millie

I love this girl.

Sweet Millie. :-)

Look at that face.

It's so interesting discovering the differences in Maggie & Millie's personalities. I love how she curls her toes when I massage her legs. And she likes me to scratch in the axillary area of her front legs (like under her arms). And she's so funny with her food bowl; she grabs it with her teeth and pulls it to her just where she wants it, to her side.

Millie is much more curious about her environment. She explores. And she likes to stick her nose in things and root around. Like when I bring the groceries in. I had a plastic food container that Mum had brought sushi in on one of our car rides. So I brought it into the house to clean, and Millie managed to pick it out of the bag and take the lid off! I keep the dog food in a big plastic container and she does the same thing! That's how she lets me know her food bowl is empty if I've not noticed it before.

Neither girls eat things off the floor. Crumbs and other tidbits stay there (unlike Remi & Barkley)! They never beg and they don't hover during food prep hoping that I'll drop an odd carrot. However . . . last week, I had a cup of tea on the coffee table. I was tippy-tapping away on my laptop and I hear slurp slurp slurp. There's Millie, drinking my tea! Too funny, so of course all I could do was laugh. I told Gareth at Mystic Pet & he said, "Oh, yeah. Dogs love tea." They do? I didn't know this. Perhaps all those years when I left my tea safely on the coffee table, Barkley & Remi were getting in a covert slurp. Eeeewwwww! Back to Millie:

Sunning herself on the back porch. Maggie looking on. Life is good! :-)

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