Monday, March 8, 2010

M&M Monday

Here's Millie. Asleep.

And then she started growling in her sleep.

Meanwhile, across the room, Maggie thought Millie was
growling at her. So she started growling at Millie.

Grrr . . .

Millie woke up, thinking Maggie was growling at her:

Huh? Wha? Grrrrr . . .

Her face gets all flat & she looks like an alligator.

Then she fell asleep again.

Zzzzz . . .


Anonymous said...

That's such a cute story! I met a little pug dog on the street yesterday. It ran right up to me the way that only pug dogs can and at first I thought it was growling at me, only to realise that it was actually growling in pleasure, kinda like a cat's purr. The growling increased as I gave it a few pats. So funny!

Hali Chambers said...

Oh, that's so SWEET! I love little pugs with their squishy-faces! :-) H.