Monday, May 3, 2010

M&M Monday

I vacuum every coupla days. I do it while the girls are on the porch or in the kitchen. They don't have any kind of vacuum anxiety, tho. Remi used to see the vacuum and leave the room. Saturday, I actually vacuumed around the dogs! And finally they got up so I could vacuum where they were sitting.

I threw both beds together and Millie claimed them before I could put the other one back.

"Hahahaha. Mine. "

This doesn't look all too exciting. In fact, when I was looking at this photo of Maggie, I was wondering why I took it. But look closely, she took my slipper and has her foot over it.

"Hahahaha. Mine. "

Here are the girls coming down the ramp. They always stop and look at the road across the river. It's also where the train goes by.

Typical pic of Maggie plopped down:

Back up the ramp.

Mum came to visit on Saturday:

Mum says hello to Millie.

Mum: Which one is this? Is this the one with the dots?
Me: No. That's Millie. Maggie has the dots.
Mum: Well, this one has dots, too.
Me: Maggie's dots are a bit more prominent.
Mum: But this one still has dots.
Mum: Well, she does!
Me: [sigh]

"As soon as you get the photo of me smiling, can I stop touching her?"

Thanks for being a good sport, Mum. I know you're stretching yourself outside your comfort zone. And in light coloured trousers, too! :-)

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