Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mum Post

You may remember my post about Mum and the VLC (Very Large Creature) living under her house. Yesterday I was at her house having proper tea, and I heard . . . something. It sounded like a baby something and it was scratching around the access panel in the hallway.

Me: Listen. Do you hear that?
Mum: What?
[scritchy-scratching noise with a bit of a baby-cry]
Me: That.
Mum: I don't hear anything.
Me: It's coming from the access panel. [walking over] It's a baby. Poor thing.
Me: We should let it out. [examining screws-of-permanence on access panel]
Mum: [insert eye roll & pursed lips] We cahn't let it out. That door is screwed shut.
Me: We can unscrew it.
Mum: Then what?

Well. I had a whole scheme to capture the baby VLC, but then Mum said: "Well, it's got a mother down there!" Then we didn't hear it crying anymore so Mama VLC must've rescued Baby. I was telling (XM) Radio Guy this story last night and he said, "This sounds like another episode of The Hali Chambers Show." Hahahaha

I'm taking Mum to the airport today. She's off to Poland for a Habitat build. She's taking a break from Brother D's kitchen. Haha

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