Monday, August 16, 2010

M & M Monday

I've mentioned that Maggie is usually at my feet if I'm settled anywhere for any length of time. Well, here she is behind me at my desk. I have to be careful when I push my chair away, so I don't tap into her.

Here's Millie on the other side of me:

Zzzzzzzz . . . .

You know those people who, no matter what or when, they have their eyes closed in a photo:

I think Millie's just avoiding the flash from the camera! BTW, Temple Grandin 
says that when dogs have their mouths like this, that they are content.  :-)

Millie enjoying some porch time.

See the bears? Kidding. No bear. Here are the girls hanging out near the clothes line:


Settled in.

We've had a break in the heat wave, so the girls have spent a bit more time outside.

See Maggie?

Here she is:

One of her favourite spots!

I started the girls on a new natural flea/tick regime. It's not too bad smelling. It's just cedar oil. I ordered a bottle. Apparently it's good for mange, mites, yeast, & other skin issues. It's a natural insecticide & you can spray for ants, wasps, etc. It's also a rodent & snake deterrant (not safe around exotic birds, pet mice, guinea pigs, etc.) Dogs, cats, farm animals are all OK. Even newborns.  The girls don't seem to mind it & it's not as stinky as the essential oil blend I was using at the beginning of the season. So far, so good. Will keep you posted!

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