Monday, August 30, 2010

M&M Monday

The girls have had an exciting week. They got a mid-week vizzie with Mum & Pioneer Sister's kiddliewinks. Here they are chillaxin' with Mum.

"All these beds & she still sits on the rug and gets it all hairy."

I took the kids for a walk to the postbox . . .

Maggie in pursuit

Millie follows

"Maybe we'll just wait here."

Come on, girls! Back up the hill.

I was on the back porch doing an art project with the kids, and the girls went down into the yard. They have their favourite spots to hang out. But this time they went around to the labyrinth.

Maggie & Millie by the labyrinth.

Millie overlooking her domain.

See the bear? Kidding. It's only Millie. Looking v. bearish!

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