Friday, August 27, 2010

OMG Friday

A coupla days ago, I looked out my window & there was a bear in the backyard. That same day, as I was driving back to the house, there he was again in my driveway! But he darts off into the woods before I can get any good pictures. So then! Yesterday, I look out the LR window, & I think, "OMG, what are the dogs doing outside?!" And then I realize: It's a bear. Again. AND I was able to get a photo:

I called Neighbor Chuck on his cell phone & told him the bear was headed over to his house. Now Chuck had made the mistake of leaving food on his front porch last week, and had a big surprise when he saw the bear on his porch! Anyway, so I drove in the safety of the car to see if I could see the bear. And there he was:


PreTTy PreTTy PreTTy COOL!


Whispers of Joy said...

I read in my book about bear medicine and one of the things it says is that it is time to come out of your den........hmmmmm......also that bear medicine asks us to go within and find our answers and then bring them out into the world..also that you will give birth while in the reclusiveness of your den. Interesting....

Labyrinth Gal said...

Hmmmm...VERY interesting! Thanks for your insights! :-) H.